Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant - San Antonio Kidney

If your kidney function has advanced or you already have permanent kidney failure and are on dialysis, a kidney transplant may be a treatment option for you. Our nephrologist at San Antonio Kidney will help determine if you are a candidate by providing a comprehensive pre-transplant evaluation and counsel.

Sometimes a kidney transplant is the best option, but it is a treatment not a cure, so post transplant care is critical and you will be guided on this journey by our knowledgeable and nationally recognized nephrologists, to assure you are getting the best care possible.

If a kidney transplant is your best option for treatment, you may be listed and will wait for a cadaver donor to become available, meaning some one who has passed away and donated their kidney. There is also the option of a living donor, meaning a friend or relative who is healthy is able to donate one of their kidneys to you. Either way, when you qualify for a kidney transplant, you can count on coordinated effort by our team to assure the best outcome possible. Our mission is to provide you with excellent and compassionate, care before, during and after your kidney transplant.

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